Sports Injury Guide

ACSM’s Primary Care Sports Medicine 2nd Edition

The American College of Sports Medicine’s “Guide for Primary Care Clinicians”

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CONTENTS – ACSM’s Primary Care Sports Medicine 2nd Edition
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Chapter 1 – Primary Care Perspective  Douglas B. McKeag and James L. Moeller
Chapter 2 – Epidemiology of Athletic Injuries  Eric D. Zemper and Randall W. Dick
Chapter 3 – Exercise Physiology and Exercise Testing  Carl Foster, Matthew J. Faber, and John P. Porcari
Chapter 4 – Nutrition  Leslie Bond

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Chapter 5 – Pre-participation Screening  James L. Moeller and Douglas B. McKeag
Chapter 6 – Conditioning and Training Programs for Athletes/Non-athletes  Sally E. Nogle and Jeffrey S. Monroe
Chapter 7 – Exercise as Medicine: The Role of Exercise in Treating Chronic Disease  Eric J. Anish and Chris A. Klenck
Chapter 8 – Injury Prevention  Michael P. Montico, Joanne Nguyen, Scott W. Eathorne, and Martha A. Steele
Chapter 9 – Covering Athletic Competition  Thomas R. Terrell and James L. Moeller

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Chapter 10 – Management of On-site Emergencies  Brent S.E. Rich, Benjamin B. Betteridge, and Spencer E. Richards
Chapter 11 – Respiratory System Jeffrey R. Kovan and James L. Moeller
Chapter 12 – Gastrointestinal System Scott A. Paluska
Chapter 13 – Cardiovascular System  Vivien Lim, Aravind Rao Kokkirala, and Paul D. Thompson
Chapter 14 – Head Injuries Margot Putukian
Chapter 15 – Peripheral Neuropathy Philip D. Zaneteas
Chapter 16 – Genitourinary System Kevin B. Gebke
Chapter 17 – Dermatologic Conditions in Athletes Delmas J. Bolin
Chapter 18 – Acute Infections Christopher  A. McGrew
Chapter 19 – Hematology Thomas H. Trojian and Diana L. Heiman
Chapter 20 – Endocrine Thomas H. Trojian
Chapter 21 – Environment Thomas H. Trojian
Chapter 22 – Challenged Athletes Katherine L. Dec
Chapter 23 – Common Sports-Related Injuries and Illnesses: Generic Conditions  Douglas B. McKeag
Chapter 24 – Head and Neck Scott H. Grindel
Chapter 25 – The Shoulder and Upper Extremity David J. Petron and Umar Khan
Chapter 26 – The Elbow Roger L. McCoy, II and C. Edward Clark, III
Chapter 27 – Wrist, Hand, and Finger Injuries Wade A. Lillegard
Chapter 28 – Chest and Abdominal Wall  Sami F. Rifat
Chapter 29 – Thoracic and Lumbar Spine  Scott W. Eathorne
Chapter 30 – Pelvis, Hip, and Upper Leg David M. Peck
Chapter 31 – Knee Injuries E. James Swenson, Jr.
Chapter 32 – Lower Leg and Ankle Neeru Jayanthi
Chapter 33 – Foot and Toes Katherine L. Dec


Chapter 34 – Imaging in Sports Medicine  Jonathan A. Staser and Kenneth A. Buckwalter
Chapter 35 – Rehabilitation Michael D.Jackson
Chapter 36 – Sport Psychology Christopher M. Carr
Chapter 37 – Drug Use  Richard T. Feno

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Chapter 38 – Building a Sports Medicine Practice and Network   Christopher Madden
Chapter 39 – Patient and Community Education on Physical Education   Eric D Zemper
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