• Ankle Injury Fast Care – Winning the Beginning – Vol. 1

    Basketball players

    “The consequences of so many injuries are determined by what you do immediately after they occur”, is the quote of James G. Garrick, MD, a founding father in the world of sports medicine and a significant contributor to the medical literature on ankle injuries in sports.  These postings are a summation of decades of experience […]

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  • Ankle Injury Rapid Recovery – Details Make a Huge Difference – Vol. 2

    So far, you haven’t heard anything about R.I.C.E.. The problem with that acronym is the lack of detail with which it is presented. R.I.C.E. assumes swelling has occurred and range of motion is lost.  Preserving range of motion is the key to a rapid recover and is why preventing swelling is paramount. R.I.C.E. has no […]

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  • OverNight Ankle Care -The Fast Track to Bouncing Back – Vol. 3

    “Wouldn’t it be great if” begins many a thought provoking question that often leads to a spark of innovation, resulting in a new or improved solution to a given need.  With ankle injuries it might read as, wouldn’t it be great if the best immediate treatment for preventing swelling was also the best way to […]

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