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Improving compliance, a great solution…

We had the opportunity at Navy to improve our standard of care for early management of ankle injuries by doing product development work resulting in a ninety-day trial of overnight compression wrap therapy to manage swelling. Our athlete compliance, recovery time and costs all improved significantly using the self-adhering FirStep Donut Pads from the Recovery Zone.

The self-adhering feature of the pad is important. It allows one to shower or do cold-water therapy with the pads in place. The problem of an unassisted re-wrap, of trying to hold non-adhesive pads with one hand and wrap with the other, is resolved as both hands are now free to secure the wrap.

We had 100% athlete compliance with the FirStep Donut Pads for overnight compression wrap therapy compared to an approximate norm of 75% with non-adhesive pads. This solved our major early therapy non-compliance issue.

Ray Chronister, ATC – US Naval Academy (Retired)

September 17, 2014